JuliaJulia and her children were making multiple visits to their pediatrician due to breathing issues and skin rashes. The sewage in their rented home had backed up into their basement on several occasions and their pediatrician advised Julia that they should not stay in the home. Because they were sleeping in the homes of friends and family, her pediatrician also referred Julia to the MLPC for help with her housing problems. Julia’s landlord accused her of causing the sewage backup and insisted she pay for repairing the plumbing. Her MLPC attorney helped Julia determine that her landlord had broken the law by evicting her after she refused to pay for the repair. Not only is the landlord responsible for repairs to plumbing fixtures under Ohio law, he wrongfully evicted Julia by not following proper procedure or serving a three-day notice before filing in court. With the help of her attorney, the eviction was dismissed and Julia’s Section 8 housing voucher allowed her to find a new home. Julia and her family are now in their new home and are working on regaining their health.

The combined advocacy efforts of her healthcare provider and ABLE helped move Julia and her family into safe, affordable housing, improving the health and well-being of her family.