MLPC Toledo

Thirteen-year-old Daisy suffers medical and behavioral complications as a result of her multiple disabilities, which include Autism, Crohn’s Disease, and Epilepsy. She was referred to the MLPC by her pediatrician due to concerns about the special education services being provided to her. Daisy’s school reduced the length of her school day to only 3 hours per day and placed her in an extremely restrictive setting. She was secluded from her peers and received her instruction in a padded safe room. She was also secluded on the school van during her ride to and from school each day by a plexiglass enclosure around her seat. Her ability to verbally express herself drastically declined, and she was using sign language and communication cards almost exclusively while at school. An MLPC attorney ensured that an appropriate IEP was put in place to support Daisy and stopped the use of the restrictive measures in her plan. We also assisted the family in enrolling Daisy in another school which could more appropriately meet her needs. Daisy currently attends school for a full school day without any significant behavioral incidents.

She participates in the educational program with her peers and is a leader in her class. She is described by her current teachers as “the life of the party.” She no longer uses sign language or communication cards, and is able to use verbal communication to express herself.